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We trust that most over sea customers are looking for very Japanese fly fishing tackles. We recommend you to try to open the following pages as under for the first time. These all inventories are made by hands and very best Japanese quality. We have exported some of these inventories to Europe and USA.

"MUKU" Handmade net Beautiful all handmade wooden landing net. Part #2・miniature and #3.
Super grade cork grips

No covered cork powder on surface. Special wine bottle cap grade available.

HIWATARI wooden tackles Handmade wooden nets and other inventories, part #2,#3 and #4.
Hiro Craft wooden and bamboo tackles Handmade wood and bamboo very beautiful fly boxes and hexagonal rod cases.
“Japanese Fly Fisherman”

Very beautiful anthology with all water color painting. English information and signature of author is available.

Fish mold Beatiful platic full colored Japanese fish mold. #2
Ankle Trout wooden handmade nets

Special beautiful wood handmade landing net and miniature.


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